Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Buddha-nature is not a state of mind...it is not a way of thinking. It is a state of being... it is not dependent on thinking. A sentient being realizing (making real) Buddha-nature is most certainly thinking, but that is not the Buddha-nature.

It is easiest (?!?!) to practice this in zazen but it is possible to live this way always.


Jordan said...

but it is possible to live this way always
Just be kind to yourself and others by being forgiving and understanding when your not feeling it.


Lauren said...


This is just my thesis, my hope, that "all" the pinnacle of Buddhism is, is functional zazen.


Uku said...

The importance of daily practice and becoming more stupid (=more loving, more compassionate)... what a wonderful path we have, Lauren! :)

Thank you!