Sunday, July 26, 2009

If you have a practice, kill it!

Lin Chi in the "yu-lu" recommends that if you meet a buddha, kill the buddha
(ref "The Zen Teachings of Master Lin-Chi", Smahbahala, trans. by Burton Watson, pg 52)

I had a practice. I killed the practice the last two days. Now I'm ready to start the practice again.

Was this wise? Was this folly?

It has arisen and fallen. How can it be touched?

Black and white mouse nibble the branch.

This "thus" is just a berry.

How sweet.

How sweet.


Jordan said...

I wonder, can we kill our practice, or does our practice just become something else?

I tend to think it is always just moving.

MyoChi said...

Awareness is the key to practice and you seem to be very aware..:)

Uku said...

Yeah, practice is practice and pracatice means practicing! How sweet indeed!

Thank you, Lauren, nice one!

Lauren said...


I guess I meant "a practice" is the list of things you feel you must do to "be buddhist" e.g do zazen twice a day.

Thanks... certainly aware that I don't do what's on my list.

When I run my list because I think I must run my list to be able to "call myself a Buddhist" it does not feel so sweet.

But I like thinking of "sweet" - It makes me think of berries, mice, vines and cliffs.