Saturday, November 14, 2009


How completely outside the realm of the zafu.
My accountant/wife hits me with the news this morning that we don't have in the bank what we thought we had as we go into the final stages of getting ready for a vacation, and then the IRS sends me a letter notifying us about errors in 2007 taxes, and this on the heels of my employer announcing a 10% reduction in workforce over the next few weeks. And I'm supposed to sit still on a cushion.... there must be something I should be doing.....
I wish I had a temple bell I could beat the hell out of right now...


Al said...


I'm with you man. I'm self employed and have had some rough spots over the past year. I'm grateful to have had zazen. Life's balance beam is getting thin for you right now and if you don't do something to maintain your balance you will fall off and/or have wobbley perspective of things.

Go sit and let your brain bombard you. Your posture is like a bullet proof vest.


Jordan said...

You know those moments when you feel like you have brought the zafu into your daily life. Yeah, I wish I had a back siphon on that.

Being still is kind of a myth though. Everything vibrates.

Thanks for your efforts.

Lauren said...

Al, "your posture is like a bullet proof vest" - I didn't know zazen was an action movie, Yipee yaioo kaiyeah, Buddha.

Jordan, Everything vibrates and at least revolves of not rotates. If I don't grab on and hold with my mind, isn't that "stillness?"

Maggie said...

Dear Lauren,
I just found your blog today, and I want to tell you that I'm very very grateful for your innocence (and I mean that as the highest possible compliment) and your sincere commitment to figuring out this path on your own (the only way it really works). I found your blog because my daughter is spending two months in a small temple in Japan, and wrote us that she is sewing a rakusu, and we didn't know what that was (I practice Theravadan Buddhism, and you know, we "hinayana" folks don't have much in the way of costuming). So I just read your whole blog since the beginning of the rakusu adventure, and I want to say to you: thank you thank you for writing, for your practice, for your seeking heart.
Be a lamp unto yourself.

Lauren said...


I've been out of town for a couple days. Thank you for stopping by and your kind comments. Where in Japan is your daughter visiting? I've been lucky to travel to Japan many times in my business career, mainly in Ehime prefecture on Shikoku.