Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The role of wanting to know the purpose of things could be a means of evolutionary success. To find the purpose of something is to find how I am connected to it, how it can affect me (friend or foe). But seeking purpose is an empty question (full of 'mu'). Things are, simply because they are. I am here because conditions were such that I arose. This is true for both I's. The physical me, and the psychological me. I am driven to feel or do according to my physical (including genetic) and environmental (including sociological) make up. But 'driven to' is not doing. In the infinite open space of now, I can put my foot where I want it to fall.

I have no purpose, but I guide my feet.

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Will Simpson said...

Interesting. I love this way of seeing "purpose". I never thought there might be any evolutionary function. The search for the purpose of things always felt a disease of the mind.

Yes -- "I have no purpose, but I guide my feet."

Jay Uhdinger said...

For me purpose is like effortless wandering. Strolling in the "right" (whatever that is) direction.