Sunday, October 14, 2012

一顆明珠、豚の前に === One Bright Pearl Before Swine

A post from Harry - LINK

When you see a "master" accepting the adoration and control over followers, you see animalistic nature at work (the evolution success factor of aligning with the powerful), you are not seeing 'truth' (except in that that is how we animals tend to behave). It is not the dharma. As Brian tried so hard to encourage (link), "you are all individuals. You've got to work it out for yourselves." Perhaps it is not possible for anyone, perhaps it is not possible for me, to avoid adoration of another person that brings comfort, calm, but we must know that adoration is dangerously empty. Or perhaps just simply empty.

When the harm of a master's actions is brought, repeatedly to their attention, and they do not crack the glass of their own glory, they are acting not as 'Buddhas', but as 'Butas' (J - pig).

This "one bright pearl" should not be cast before swine.

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