Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So Bizzy [sic]

Way too busy these days to really write anything.
Running around Texas (well, Austin - Houston, Austin - Rockport) a bunch working with funeral and trying to gather and settle my dad-in-laws estate. Turns out, after 2 months+ of nursing a hurt wrist, my wife's gotta have hand surgery w/ 6 weeks+ recovery time. Still managing zazen most mornings and nights, and reading the dharma a bit here and there. Dropping occasional pithy comments on my freqented blogs. There are a million things I could write about if I had more time... thinking of my usual dharma friends often.


Jordan said...

Time to write and things to write about don't seem to go hand and hand for me either. The one might just be an anathema to the other.

Jeremy said...

thanks for the comment sir. :) Many many good thoughts your way as well. *gassho*

Uku said...

Take care, Lauren! Wishing you all the best, Dharmabuddy!

Harry said...

Hi Lauren.

Even if I don't have time for a half hour or twenty mins I still just sit down and do zazen for a few minutes.

In my case this helped establish regular practice. It's not ideal I suppose (but then it is!), but it jumps the divide between thinking it and doing it at least.

I have a buddy from a Tibetan lineage who hits the cushion for several mins whenever he gets a little chance like that.

All the best,


Lauren said...

Thanks, Harry. I'll give "even just a minute" a try.

Uku, Good to hear (well, read) from you.