Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How to Cook Your Life

So I went down to TLZC (The Local Zen Center (which happens to be Austin Zen Center for me)) for "Buddha Flix", a.k.a. movie night (ref previous post), and as I suspected there were only decent people with no snobbish attitudes. That's not to say I don't think snobbish people can exist, only that my dread of them far exceeds their actual numbers in the world. So the path is set for visiting again for formal zazen and service. Hopefully my own self can stay out of my own way, and I can turn the wheel a bit in my life.

The movie we watched was "How to Cook Your Life." A little documentary style film about some of the thoughts and cooking classes of Ed Brown [Roshi] , who was a cook for a while at Tassajara (a famous, austere Zen retreat in California) and wrote a couple of their cookbooks. It was a very nice glimps at a well practiced Buddhist, temper and all. I particularly liked his characterization of the dings and scratches on the tea kettles and how they relate to we humans.

And for those who are tracking my very self absorbed decoding of my given Dharma name, it turns out I jumped to a hasty conclusion (small surprise!). Though 労連 is a recognized compound for Labor Union (or more casually, work group, as I like to characterize it), less common readings of the Kanji also yield Benevolence Bringing. So I guess I'm stuck with it. It doesn't count enough to do hard work, I've got to show a positive effect on the people around me. A good goal, and somewhat erie challenge. I often see that I don't give much of a damn on how my actions and words affect others even though I take pains to make sure I'm "right."


Mother May I? said...

I often see that I don't give much of a damn on how my actions and words affect others even though I take pains to make sure I'm "right."

See, you're already showing me a thing or two - thanks for the good effect.

Would you mind telling us how to pronounce your dharma name?

Lauren said...


Thanks for stoping buy, and your kind words.

As far as I have learned "燃亀労連" is pronounced "Nenkin Rouren"

Jordan said...

Sounds like your doing the tough work of studying the self.
Pretty awesome.

Smoggyrob said...

Hi Lauren:

Thanks for the congrats over on HZ. Brad told me your dharma name story, as a warning, when I insisted he choose mine. I told him, "My dharma name is in your hands, Dude. [Rob puts up his hand to stop any interruption] My dharma name is in your hands." I have some trepidation as to what he'll come up with for me, but I'm jealous of your name. I like Gamera more than Godzilla and I'm active in the labor movement. Be well!


Lauren said...

Smoggy! Thanks for stopping by.

Better be careful. If he takes you seriously you might end up as "enyoo hanzu" and who know what that might mean in Japanese!


Uku said...

Yeah, like Jordan wrote about it, it seems you're really practicing! Thank you, Lauren, really inspirational!