Sunday, June 7, 2015

Future Past Theories

Think of a pan of BBs tilted.

Think of that small wave front on the beach that children love to chase.

Think of a line of domino's with one now falling.

Think of a room filled with mouse traps set with ping pong balls and one just sprung.

Now is a cascade of cause/outcome. A wave-front of instant coming into being and dropping away.

'Past' is a theory of what has happened but it has no nominal existance. It is not there.

Now drop the pan of BB's analogy.

Drop the domino's analogy.

Drop the ping pong balls.

Really only the beach wavefront is close.

One can imangine the myriad and unknown influences.

Think of how quantum physics tells us some outcomes are not predicatable. What happens can only be known when it happens, not before.

That is the future.

Also not nominal, non-existant, not foreseeable

The 'future' is a theory now of what might be, but it is not yet there to walk into.

And yet, thank God, I can still make coffee.

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