Saturday, June 6, 2015

Karma Quip



This is not how Karma works. There is no "judgement" machine working in the world that tracks good and bad and then assigns a just outcome to a person. The universe does not pick and choose. It just functions..... cause linking to affect linking to cause... a wave front of instances tumbling 'forward' in time.


So what's the lesson of karma? Why worry? Why care? Because when I am experiencing choice (whatever that might really be) I can consider what sort of wave front I would like to start. But even this smacks of picking and choosing, doesn't it?


Perhaps its more a concept of harmonic vibrations ("new age" apologies). When one string on an instrument vibrates in harmony with another, it is not by choice, but by natural inclination. It simply *is* in harmony with the other. The more I can relax (?) into a natural self, the more I will vibrate in harmony with the universe around me. Simply by not doing, and not-not doing I become harmonic.


When I am discordant, the lesson of karma observes the bad waves can come crashing back to me. But the lesson of karma is not that picking and choosing yields the better outcome.


The slogan above should perhaps be, then, "Have the day headed your way".




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