Tuesday, December 2, 2008

WARNING - Foolish Ego.

I want to sit twice a day for 30 minutes so I can proudly say "Yes, I'm a Buddhist"

I want to follow the precepts so I can smile to myself and think "Dawg, I'm a Buddhist"

I want a teacher so I can prove to people that "For sure, I'm a Buddhist"

I want all these things to prove I have meaning and significance in the Universe...

I can't accept myself as just part of the Universe...

There's no glory in being a stumbling fool, mucking about playing childish games with Buddhism...

They say that somewhere in this mess lurks true Buddha Nature....


Jordan said...


Just do your best and persevere brightly!

As for the sitting, do what you can.

As for the teacher, they are everywhere.

As to having meaning. the universe as it is would not exist with out you. That is a truth!

You are not separate from the universe, doesn't matter if you accept that or not, but it sure makes things easier.

If there is no glory in being a stumbling fool, mucking about playing childish games with Buddhism, than what are all those great teachers an poets about? (Ryokan, Bassho, Fuke, Kakushin, Mumon, Dogen, Rinzai, Watazumi....just to name a few off the top of my head... all great fools!)

Stop kicking yourself in the jimmy and start encouraging yourself. It helps.

Ok I am done sounding pretentious for today, I think.

Take care,

Lauren said...


No pretention (?!) taken.

Thanks... I'll strive to be encouraged by the sitting I can fit in, and the teachers that cross my path.

"Brightly preserve!" - would be a good tatoo/bumper sticker.


Uku said...


great post! Jordan wrote well also, I agree. Buddhism is just being completely idiot and becoming more stupid. It isn't so serious and that's why it is serious business with lots of laughs.

But hey, I don't know anything. I'm just an ordinary idiot who practice Buddha's Stupid Way.

With palms together,