Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rakusu is complete! Jukai anticipated tomorrow.

I finally finished the darned thing. Not much to say. Just pics of the finished rakusu and the impromptu zendo I assembled in my dinning room. Note the cabinet with "tokens" from several well-wishers that are too far flung to attend in person (thanks Harry, Jordan, Peter, Gwen, Julie, Jennie and Rosemary).

The image of Buddha I did myself. I will work on it a bit more after the ceremony.

It has certainly an interesting journey to get to this point. Thanks to all who helped me get here.


ZazenLover said...

Very nice! :)

Barry said...

Congratulations! Have a wonderful ceremony!


Harry said...

Good luck, Lauren.

Let us know if you see light!



Harry said...


Rakusu looks great. Nice work.

Lauren said...

ZL, Barry, Harry,

Thanks for the encouragement and well wishes. I am certainly nervous this morning, but confident.

If I see light, Harry, I am obligated to "come back" and work for the salvation of all human beings (unless I can sneak an exemption clause into the fine print).


Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren,

Congratulations on your Jukai.
Nice Rakusu.
Would love to see a close-up of the Buddha image when you finish.


Uku said...

Hi Lauren,

great job! Looking forward to read more and to see some pictures!

Thank you for your efforts, Dharmabro!

Jordan said...