Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rakusu Progress

The top picture is from this morning. All tan and chou attahced. Just on seam left to finish on the left.
The bottom picture is an earlier shot (kinda outa focus) of the tan and chou joined in pairs.

I think I will have the main field of my rakusu finished tomorrow.

I'm probably only 1/3 done with the whole thing. So much to sew and so little time.

It sure ain't perfect, but it sure represents my practice...faultering steps along the way, not 100% beautiful, full of sincere mistakes, generally in the right direction. All very symbolic. To think I'll have to wear this around my neck for years to come!

I still haven't selected the cloth for the writing panel. I wonder if I should go for some pristine silk or cotton, or settle for a panel of old yellow pillow case, coffee dyed to beige.


Harry said...

Good work, Lauren & good luck with the rest of it.

All the best,


Jordan said...

Looking good!
Thanks for your efforts!

Lauren said...

Harry, Jordan.
Thanks for the encouragement. The "Katagiri" instructions are pretty comprehensive. I wonder if they were written by him or his wife. The only part I'm still puzzling over is the "hidden stitch" for the back side. I think a little googling will reveal what I need.


Uku said...

Great job, Lauren! Thank you for your efforts and commitment!